Scribo is an interactive research question and literature search tool for students who write research papers, projects and theses - all the way through and across higher education programmes.

Scribo guides you through a series of systematic, targeted paper questions and, along the way, takes you through research question, aim, choice of theories and methods, philosophy of science, methodology, information search, introduction and outline. In this way, the programme demonstrates how you design a project or theses.

The questions in Scribo are organised in a pentagon model of the key elements of tasks and projects. 

The Pentagon model is described in Den gode opgave (Rienecker et al. 2022) and Den gode opgave på stx (Haldbo et al. 2022) with many examples. You can easily use the programme without knowing more about the pentagon model.

Scribo consists of two parts:

  • A question guide to the basic choices of the research paper/ project/theses, with tips and explanations along the way. Your answers to Scribo's questions are automatically saved during your project.
  • A dictionary of terms that are central to research paper writing and information search.

Spending some time working in Scribo - preferably early in the process - is time well spent. Your answers can be downloaded as a Word file to send to your supervisor, your project group or your information specialist, and can be used as a draft for your introduction.


Are you supervising students writing independent research papers/projects/theses in higher education and can your students come better prepared for supervision? Scribo is a question guide that asks the typical questions that supervisors and information specialists ask the paper writer in a systematic order. There is a dictionary, explanations and references to resources that the writer can use along the way. As a basis for supervision, the student may send you a text file with parts or all of his or her work with Scribo.


Single user licence: DKK 125,- in Academic Books' webshop

Institutional licence (for universities and libraries etc.): Annual licence price depends on the number of students in the institution. For further information, please contact the publisher at / tel. (45) 44 22 38 80.


Scribo, version 5 is from 2023, and is developed by:

Author: Lotte Rienecker, with the assistance of information specialist Gina Bay.

Original production: Reload and Samfundslitteratur

Design: Jacques Mourier

ISBN: 978-87-593-1875-1


The tool can be used in both Danish and English // It is optimised for Chrome but should work very well on all browsers // We generally recommend that you regularly update your browser and clear browsing data.

Students and staff at the following institutions have free access to Scribo via the institution's licence.

Universities and business schools

University of Southern Denmark, SDU (WAYF)

Vilnius University

Universities of applied sciences

Sjukrarøktarfrødiskuli, Torshavn

University College Absalon (WAYF)
University College Lillebælt (WAYF) University
College UCN (WAYF)

Universities of applied sciences

Cphbusiness - Copenhagen Business Academy (WAYF)
Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt (WAYF)

Other institutions

European Defence College


With WAYF, you use your login from your educational institution to register as a user on Scribo. This means that you just need to log in to your own educational institution and if it has subscribed to Scribo, you have access to the programme. In the list above you can see which institutions are connected to WAYF.


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