About Scribo

Scribo - Research Question and Literature Search Tool is an interactive study tool that supplies the student writer with suggestions and information on research papers and library searches. With a dialogue of 27 questions sequenced to support the work-in-progress, Scribo helps the student to process initial ideas and structure the research. Scribo further prepares for supervision and helps the student conduct a literature search. With the assistance of Scribo, the student will be better equipped to write a research paper and meet with supervisors and research librarians.

Scribo is based on the idea that at higher levels of education, papers should be written following the norms of scientific research. Students should attempt to conduct their own research and writing according to academic research standards. The precepts guiding Scribo have been adapted from the textbook, The Good Paper. A Handbook for Writing Papers in High Education by Lotte Rienecker & Peter Stray Jørgensen, Samfundslitteratur, 2017. The book is available in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Lithuanian.


Using Scribo provides several advantages: 

  1. It shows you how to formulate the backbone structure of your research paper

  2. It guides you to create and/or revise a research question and put together an information and literature search strategy

  3. In case you already have a draft, it allows you to check your research question and search strategy against Scribo’s suggestions and guidelines

  4. It helps you prepare a written text for your next meeting with your supervisor and/or research librarian

When working on a group project, each member should use Scribo individually before the group coordinates the drafts. Everything you write in Scribo is saved and can be downloaded as a text file. You can of course produce and export a (draft) synopsis to send to your supervisor in advance of an upcoming meeting.


Scribo is an interactive guide that asks the user questions about the assignment or project in a coherent sequence. The questions provide guidance so that the student can organize the assignment. These are questions that you certainly also ask during supervision. In preparation for a supervisory meeting the student can send you their work in Scribo as a text file.

Scribo is not a substitute for appropriate supervision or conducting an independent literature search, but it helps the student prepare for meetings with his or her supervisor or librarian. If the student has been guided to a workable problem formulation and literature search strategy before their supervisory meeting, then Scribo has done its job.

Scribo builds on the notion that independent assignments are a genre of investigative text that, in principle, should contain the same elements as a research article. The program is supported by the textbook, The Good Paper. A Handbook for Writing Papers in High Education (Rienecker & Stray Jørgensen, Samfundslitteratur, 2018).

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Single user licenses: DKK 110. Available for purchase in the Academic Books webstore.

Institutional licenses (for universities, libraries, etc.): Annual subscription price depending on number of students. For further information please contact Samfundslitteratur at / phone: (0045) 44 22 38 80


Scribo - Research Question and Literature Search Tool, version 4, 2014, is developed by:

Author: Lotte Rienecker with participation by Gina Bay. Professional Bachelor examples are co-developed by Helen Grundtvig Kristensen. English translation by Elizabeth Li and Nicolai Paulsen.

Production: Reload A/S

Design: Jacques Mourier

ISBN: 978-87-593-1875-1

Institutional license 

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Students and employees at the following institutions have access to Scribo via institutional licenses.

Universities and business schools

Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering, KADK (WAYF)
Handelshøyskolen BI, Oslo 

IVA - Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi (WAYF) 
Roskilde Universitet, RUC (WAYF)  
Syddansk Universitet, SDU (WAYF)
Aarhus Universitet (WAYF)

University colleges

Sjukrarøktarfrødiskuli, Torshavn
University College Lillebælt (WAYF)
University College Sjælland (WAYF)
University College Syddanmark (WAYF)

Business academies

Cphbusiness - Copenhagen Business Academy (WAYF)
Erhvervsakademi Kolding / IBA: International Business Academy (WAYF)
KEA, Københavns Erhvervsakademi / Copenhagen School of Design & Technology (WAYF)
Dania, Academy of higher educations (WAYF)

High schools

Gefion Gymnasium (WAYF)

Other institutions

Hovedstadens Ordblindeskole
Søværnets Officersskole


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